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Color basics + this and that

Color basics came to me as I mixed colors and saw the results. I never took any classes in color combinations, but I can see how the need is there for someone just starting out.

I went to YouTube to investigate and found several tutorials on how to mix paints. I didn’t feel like making my own, so here is one video by Kelly Eddington Watercolors. It’s a good one! Check it out if you’re unsure how to mix paints.

I recommend using scrap paper and experimenting with your primary colors. Mix them up and see what happens on paper! Practice until you understand the basic combinations and variations.

You can’t mess it up!

I was busy this week doing some art journaling, using paper I created for my online course Life’s Song. It is all about making your own papers from scratch, well, not the paper itself, but the altering and embellishment.  I had lots of fun with the papers that resulted, and I will make some more. They become more authentic than the paper you buy in the stores. Take a peek.

LIFE’S SONG art paper e-course.

The burnt paper became a face. I teach how to make that kind of paper in Life’s Song.  Added embellishment from magazines and other papers, like the star tissue paper on the right. A gift from a friend on Christmas.

It’s all about balance and fearlessly charging into the unknown. It can be scary!

Gratitude has been a big focus in my life lately. Every day, every breath is a reason to be grateful. I feel I live in a magical universe despite the craziness going on in the world right now.

Humans need to wake up and smell the roses!

As artists we can inspire.

It has been a good week and I look forward to my next foray into art journaling…

Now I have to go and clean the bathroom…

Have a great, creative weekend, all!

Lots of love,


P.S. Life’s Song is a great way to create unique art. Check it out! Very affordable too  Here is another blog post I wrote about paper, Paper Madness.

Do you see beauty?

I got up very early this morning to wish the world Happy 4th, but the world was still asleep and nature didn’t care about dates.  The silence was wonderful. No cars, no people, no noises of any kind. Peace reigned and everything was in order.  That is how it feels when nature steps to the forefront.

All is well. Peace.

I decided to look for beauty in my backyard first thing. I saw some fallen flowers from yesterday and new flowers budding on my 2 o’clock plant (Mexican petunia.) My collard greens from last year have died in the heat.  Time to pull them up and thank them for their service.  Come late August I will plant some tomatoes.

Today, I might paint the flowers I saw; red geraniums, some unnamed pink flower, white wild flower, yellow allamanda, and I still have a few jasmine blooms.

red geranium
Red geranium
Star jasmine

Woodpeckers, red cardinals, tufted titmice, chickadees, and squirrels were out looking for food, but they were quiet. I feed the birds so there is traffic all day long at the bird feeder. The squirrels are the fattest in the area.

Red cardinal

Every morning I have a choice, to think about what isn’t working in my life, or cheer myself on for what works, and look for beauty all around.

It’s a lot more fun looking for beauty than focus on negativity.  I also have a gratitude journal going, and I write down everything I’m grateful for. This is my morning tea ritual, Earl Grey and gratitude.  That would make a good title for something…

There are so many things to be grateful for and we live in the midst of magic. Nature is magical to me. Life is magical when I allow it to be.

Do you look for beauty when you go outside?

I’m working on seeing more beauty in people, and sometimes that can be a challenge, but it’s there.

The more I focus on beauty, the more I see it.  And so it is.


Maria 🙂

What are you grateful for?



What are you grateful for this coming Thanksgiving holiday and every day?

If you’re not feeling grateful for your life, you can shift your mindset easily by making a CHOICE to be mindful and look around for things to be grateful for.

Either you bitch and moan about the every day grind or you find something to be grateful for. There is always the possibility to step out of the box that you hate.  All that is needed is a decision to do so, grow some balls, and claim a new destiny that is laced with happiness and gratitude.

I have a huge list of things that I’m grateful for. Art is pretty high up on the list since it’s my deepest passion. Lately I’ve been thankful that I can let loose and create like a child again.  Judgment is a heavy yoke to carry, so why carry it?  Young children don’t judge art.

Every moment is new, truly.

Every day is another chance to make things better for yourself and others. When you’re happy and doing well, you walk around inspiring others just by being. That is pretty awesome.

Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for today and include three passions you have but never make any time for.  Which one has the highest charge? Take a step even if it’s tiny toward manifesting that passion. Small steps create big goals. What makes your heart sing?

There is no time to waste on nonsense that other people told us to do. How do you want your life to shape up from now on?

I’m going deeper into my art. I can’t really set a creative goal since I never know in what direction the art will lead me, but I do have a practical goal: do some art activity every day!  Funny how good that makes me feel…

Feel good today. Gratitude will automatically make you feel good. 🙂  A first step, right?

Thank you all who read this blog. I’m truly grateful for you, and many blessings this holiday season coming up at warp speed.

thanksI made an art video that was supposed to be “raw” unplanned art and it turned out to be doodle mania.  Link HERE.

018This is a picture of the doodle mania art journal spread.



P.S. I have some other tutorials you can check out and try HERE.