Life’s Song Art Journaling e-course

Life’s Song Art Journal e-course

Do you struggle to find a unique style and awesome backgrounds in your art journals? 

I know I have, but I have learned that if I make everything myself, all the backgrounds and ephemera then contain my style; the colors I like, the marks and pictures I like. When I use store bought designs, I often feel that something is lacking in my art. Why should others  suggest what to use in my art?  We doubt ourselves and worry that we’re not able to create from scratch. I still like buying papers I admire, but they lack my imprint so I alter them.

I want to share some simple methods for creating  unique ephemera so that every art journal page speaks to you, from the background to the last layer.  YOUR STYLE.

hand painted papers

Sometimes all we need is some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

First, I offer videos with many variations of painted papers and other methods.  With a stack of those papers you move into creating art journal pages that YOU LIKE because you have created everything that goes into the art.

All it takes is ingenuity and action.

Join me for a two week class and find your own style, guaranteed.

SEGMENT 1 (available now): Make lots of hand painted papers. You’ll get inspiration in 3 videos and hands-on instruction, and then we move into 2 videos creating 2 fun art journal spreads.s from scratch using the papers you created.


art journal pages

Week 2 (available after 7 days): Make more unique ephemera finding inspiration in 1 video where I show you lots of possibilities with paper. 1 video will show you how to use this stack

WEEK 1 is available NOW! The two week course is ONLY $24!!  

Course Materials

Your art journal or a book to alter, brushes, paints, glue, papers of various kinds, like printing paper, card stock, junk mail, magazines. Any kind of paper really. A computer and a printer. If you don't have access to a printer, you can take the papers to Staples or Office Depot for printing.