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Why Monday is my favorite day of the week.

Why Monday is a great day to start a new week of possibilities–in my opinion. A clean slate, with so many paths to take. Mondays are brand new!

I don’t work a 9-5; if I did, I might not see Monday as something to look forward to, but I spend my time doing things that I love–art and writing. There are tedious things involving those endeavors too, but for the most part, I look forward to seeing what I can create that week.

Tuesdays, you’re already into what you’re doing. Wednesdays, you know if the week is going well or if it’s turning out to be the week “from hell.” Yes, they exist too, but what is a bit of resistance in this drama of life?

Thursdays and Fridays are “finish up” days, and weekends are for friends and family. On Sundays, I look back to see how the week was, and then I let it go! LET THAT SH*T GO! We do our best; if we don’t, there’s always a new Monday. ūüôā

A Monday type of bird…

I’m working on a new mystery, the third in the series: A Kate Connery cozy mystery set in Upstate New York. It does not have a title yet, but my previous titles are available on Kindle Vella: Done To Death and To Die For. The heroine is a house painter in a quaint small town. She has a crew of three working for her, a former literature professor and two hunky cousins that sleep their way across town. They also land some good jobs via the bedroom. Kate rolls her eyes at them a lot! Her mother says she’s too nosy for her own good, and after almost getting killed twice, she would stop snooping, but no.

I enjoy the challenge of writing a mystery, weaving all the ends together. It’s hard to keep it all straight, and everything has to make sense.

I’ve been painting a lot lately, and the small art pieces are now available in my etsy shop EarthandFaery.

Birds, flowers, and cats are the motifs of the day. They are a treat to paint. I’ve also painted some positive affirmations.

How are your Mondays? Do you enjoy a new week, a new challenge, or is it tedium galore? I realize we gotta eat, but what about enjoying life? I support a bold move toward a more rewarding life, one step at a time.

Lots of love,


Discover your inner fire.

Discover your inner fire.¬† It’s not that hard, but we tend to live in the lies we tell ourselves.¬† We all have Ph.Ds. in excuses, like family and other things we have to attend to in this 3D-existence.¬† But there is always time if we make it.¬† We also tend to not listen to the inner urges, labeling them as woo-woo or generally uncomfortable or ridiculous, like dreams at night.¬† Ninety percent of all the women I meet live for and through their families, but what about THEM?¬† What is their own outlet of happiness?¬† Nothing wrong with being focused on family, but not to a point where that’s all there is.

I feel kind of blah today, not very fired up, but I know what makes me happy.¬† Every day I sit down to listen within and every time I find my true north.¬† Then it’s all about will to make stuff happen in accordance to my inner direction.

How do you tame your will?¬† You don’t.¬† Will is like a cat, contrary at best, or outright belligerent at worst. Cats know how to be motivated, especially at meal times, lol.¬† Cats are also super lazy and they don’t give a sh*t.¬† Sometimes I wish I was more like them because they truly act from supreme indifference and detachment.¬† That doesn’t mean they have no feelings, but everything is on their terms.¬† You know immediately about your transgression¬† when you take a wrong step, like taking them to the vet.

So basically, you have a cat in your head.

There is a way to tame cats, sort of.  You have to coax them along with something alluring, like tuna treats.  When you love something, it has a kind of golden allure.  Your passion is like that; that thing you keep putting off.   Throw some treats at it!

Once you allow yourself (with some coaxing) to attend to that passion, you feel great.  That feeling is the tuna treat.  Basically, the more you allow yourself to experience that special feeling, the easier it gets to choose to be a participant, not a sideline observer.

Step away from the sideline.¬† When you don’t feel like it, apply some discipline (which is also an acquired skill) to push yourself forward.¬† One whiff of that tuna will get your right in the mood to pursue.¬† I know it works for me.

For me the tuna is the joy of creativity.¬† Writing this fires me up, and seeing a pile of painting brushes in my studio gives me an inner smile.¬† If you don’t know what yours is, do some digging for gold inside that murky mine of yours.¬† “I can’t find it,” you say??¬† Frigging BS.¬† Don’t be lazy, dig deeper.

Just accept that there is a special path waiting for you; the one only you can find.¬† Don’t you want to go on adventure?¬† Don’t you want to find out?¬† Live your life as an adventurer, not like a predictable hamster running on its wheel.¬† I have to say I prefer cats to hamsters.

Don’t you want to have your tombstone say you lived with passion, that you inspired others?

The habits can get so ingrained it can be hard to break out of them, and most people don’t even try.¬† I speak to YOU who wants to find out, who knows there is no other way to live.

That the same ole, same ole is not good enough.

My inspiration today: take positive action, no matter how much the resistance says no.¬† Engage will and discipline and get into your life.¬† You won’t look back because you know it’s true.

I’m doing the action right beside you, so let’s go!

Because life happens NOW!




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P.S.¬† My e-course Visionary Art Journaling offers many exercises to go within to discover your inner truth.¬† We will be working with art and the six senses.¬† It’s a self paced e-course.¬† The link is HERE.

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