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Art Tripping!

Art Tripping, what is that?

It does not have anything to do with illegal substances. Tripping can mean many things since English is a tricky language. However, in this case it means to take an actual journey.

I have been wanting in the worst way to go on a trip for a while now, but timing has not been good. That’s my excuse anyway.

So, I decided to do some art journaling around a virtual trip. I chose four locations, the city, the beach, the forest, and the desert. Those parts are all inspiring to me. I decided to make it a bargain e-course so that more people can afford it. The course will last four weeks, and the videos are quick and easy. Personally, I like fast videos since I don’t want to slog through four or five in an online class. The e-course starts on April, 18.

Here is the cityscape and the beach pictures from the class. Your art will look completely different, but that’s the challenge.

DSCN1998A pretty grungy cityscape and a happy bright beach picture… through the lens of my eyes.

You can check out Art Tripping for yourself. CLICK HERE. 

arttripping5I hope you join me for this virtual journey. It would be nice to have a busload of people!

Happy creating,