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Your highest potential

Your highest potential is a term that is thrown about a lot these days along with enlightenment and freedom to be YOU.

What other than YOU can you be? You can’t, and it’s enough to be authentic right now and keep truth and authenticity as a lodestar of what you stand for.

What is highest potential anyway? Spiritually spoken, according the scriptures through time, it is to reach a blissful state, to live in a pure consciousness above the “mud.” Striving won’t take us there, but inner joy is the match that fires up life.

If you don’t feel joy in your work, why do it?

Spirituality aside, what might be your highest potential as an artist?

I think Pablo Picasso is a good example of someone who had a shot at it in his lifetime. You can see it in his eyes.  He saw a lot, and beyond the obvious. picasso

He tried every kind of art and was a creator of many styles of art. I can’t recall ever seeing a photo of him where he’s laughing, but the little I know of him, he had lots of dedication. His art was his life and he tried every angle and dived into the depths to express himself. He left behind a massive legacy.  To me it’s a showcase of what is possible as an artist.

I don’t know what he would have said if asked at the end if he reached his full potential. My guess is he would have said no.

So what is potential? To me it’s showing up and doing art every day. It’s involvement, it’s evolution:  it’s understanding of the concept at hand, a vision of where you’re going (if you’re lucky.)

You live your highest potential that day!

We can’t all be Picassos and thank God for that.

My highest potential today is to actually MAKE some art. That is enough. Tomorrow the same drill, and the next day.  Maybe today something great will manifest in my art expression.

If you live by that dedication you inspire others to explore their potential.

Picasso inspired masses of young artists and we may never have the talent and dedication of reach the heights of great artists, but what if we can inspire those behind us, relatives and maybe the neighbors’ kids?

I remember a track coach we had who spent his free time between classes carving beautiful wooden ships. I was part of a group of students who liked to hang out in his office because he inspired us.

I was no good at running but he always tried to get the best out of me. Those are the kinds of teachers I remember.

Who can you inspire today? Make them realize there is actual potential. That life can be extraordinary, not like a punishment where you’re killing time and hoping to die.

Challenge yourself to try something difficult or different today. Once ignited, the flame of inner joy is contagious.

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P.S. I have some inspiring e-courses that might interest you. You can read all about them HERE. All I do is make art and aim to inspire someone. 🙂