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Paper shrines

Paper shrines are easy to make.  I use them in art journal spreads, and if the paper is sturdy enough, they can stand up and be used as a table shrine.

paper shrine
Paper shrine
paper shrine
closed paper shrine

The above shrine was made with heavy-duty watercolor paper. I added the doors and altered the paper. Lots of gold! It doesn’t show well in the picture. As an icon I used a picture from a guide book of the Louvre. He’s some Egyptian scribe. It doesn’t have to be a religious icon. Whatever you want to celebrate. You can make a shrine with your goals or passions / dreams, or an ode to Nature.

The possibilities are endless.

Here is another shrine I made from card stock.  Won;t make the art journal spread bulky when added.


I used a digital picture of Mary in this one, added a frame and gold paint. As bling I used some gilded and colorful border segments.

I made a video of the process and you can watch it HERE.

Have fun making your own shrine. 🙂

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