Art journals, how to make them uniquely yours!

There is a special feeling of satisfaction after you make your own art journals using your unique style. Art journaling will be less intimidating when you’re not faced with a book from the store filled with glaring white pages.

When you make your own, it becomes “friendly,” something you have gotten to know during the creative process and that you enjoy working in afterwards.

art journal
cloth bound journal


ledger journals
ledger journals


altered books
altered books

If you have questions about materials and procedure, I can help you.  In this e-course you will learn how to:

  • use fabric in your art journal
  • paint and dye fabric without fabric dyes
  • age paper
  • add fun details to your journal
  • use old books to alter using your own style
  • make mini journals that will fit in your purse
  • use tips and tricks to add your own touches
  • be creative with the materials you already have
  • inspire your creative process in general

To participate in this e-course you don’t need any particular artistic skills other than your hands and some art supplies. If you don’t have all on the list, use what you have.

We will make a shabby chic cloth-bound journal, a ledger style journal, and alter two picture books with unique pockets.

You will receive three detailed videos and a PDF for parts that I could not film.

Supplies I used:

heavy cotton fabric (corduroy, white 1/3 yard or 25 cm, muslin strips for tying around journal. Any light colored cotton fabric of your choice will work. Cotton absorbs the paints well.

Two used books, picture books are best.

Old manila folder

scrapbooking papers, watercolor paper, card stock and printing paper of various colors, tissue paper, gift bag paper.

Found paper, old stamps, junk mail, music scores

acrylic paints, Adirondack inks, Dylusions ink


Mod-Podge or wet medium

yarn scraps

rubber stamp, letter stamps, Stazon  permanent ink

hole punch or awl or sharp nail

Gesso, white and clear


washi tape

hemp string or other kind of string

ruler and scissors

If you have wanted to try art journaling but never did, this might kick start your creativity. It’s all about trying new things and having fun!

Grow, reach, get a feeling of accomplishment.  Expand the boundaries of life and art.

I have practiced my art making consistently since 2003 and it has been a lifelong passion of mine.  I prefer intuitive art (painting,)  but I’m also very passionate about art journaling and other mixed media.  Exploring new ways of making stuff really fires me up!

For the low price of $22 USD you can learn to make the above mentioned journals. Quick and easy!
Once you sign up I will add you to the email workflow, so if you’re on the other side of the world, it may take a few hours before you see the first lesson. 🙂

Artist and writer