5-Day Creative self-love boost

Usually, women take care of themselves last.

Many women will go to the end of the earth for family and others before they tune into their own needs. This dilemma sometimes becomes a deep need for something more.

But not YOU! You recognize the importance of feeding your soul through creativity, but…

You might feel at a loss where to start.

Maybe you haven’t done art before, but is drawn to explore your creativity.

Maybe you are a creator but you’re stuck in the same old same old.

Your parents told you art is not something you should pursue, and you believed them, yet, there is a longing to dive in.

We tend not to question the beliefs fed to us over the years, but what if your heart is calling out. and the voice is getting more insistent every year?

There are many ways to explore creativity and my expertise is visual art. I offer you a FREE 5-day virtual retreat to explore art making in an art journal or on watercolor paper.

We will spend some time in guided meditation each day and listen to what wants to be expressed. This involves emotions, scenarios, old outgrown situations, or even just joy in the creative moment.

intuitive art
intuitive art

We will use whatever comes up during meditation and intuitively interpret it on paper. You can’t go wrong and no art experience is needed for this. We don’t need a structured plan for this, but the days will go something like this, and more:

Day 1: How do you feel today? What color would you use to describe it? Look at your paints and apply, scribble, dab, pour, over the surface of your journal or canvas. Add more colors and some papers scraps you like. Feel each item; is it a yes or a no? Do the elements feel harmonious with the other layers?

Day 2: What do you feel when making art? What shapes do you like best in the art you made yesterday? Can you apply more, or do you want to paint over them? Every action is okay.

Day 3: Working on a different page today. If you dare to use some colors you like the least, what that be like? Apply and see what comes out. Do you want to work small or large?

Day 4: Do you feel braver? Could you make some art without prompts? If you’re not a beginner, what could you try that you haven’t tried before?

Day 5: Do some writing / journaling on a page and describe how the last 4 days art making made you feel. Then paint over the writing, add papers, add more writing, add more paint until you have 3-4 layers on top of each other.

For continued artistic expression allow all the feelings; paint them, draw them, collage them, and you will find yourself freed from a lot of negative beliefs and artistic constrictions.

You have to start somewhere. Keep up the practice.

I will add some instructional videos about the process and follow along with my own daily process for the 5 days.

This retreat will happen in my new Facebook group, To sign up, please join my mailing list HERE.

The FREE 5-day retreat will start on February 4 and I’ll send out an email with all the details at the end of January.

Don’t be shy. Allow yourself a breather from all the mundane and dive into some creative magic! SIGN UP HERE!

About me, Maria Greene:  I’m an artist and a writer, and also a “life artist.”  I don’t know which activity I love the most.  I was a fiction writer for more years than I care to mention. I used to write historical romances and fantasies.

Art has been an interest of mine since I was a child. I love to create intuitive art, mostly paintings, and mixed media. Another passion is art journaling.  The sky is the limit.


Artist and writer