Intuitive Consultation

About intuitive consultations: I have been a psychic reader/ medium for 20+ years. I’m a graduate of The Fellowships School of Healing and Prophecy in the renowned Spiritualist community of Lily Dale, NY. I was ordained as a Spiritualist minister in 1997.

I have decided to branch out and do consultations online. I do clairvoyant readings, which means I use no other tools except my intuition. Sometimes people who have passed over come to give messages to their relatives and friends. Messages from dear ones are usually very healing and uplifting. I have done readings for people all over the world.

My readings focus on the positive. Where there are problems, I listen for healthy and practical solutions. I can offer guidance on how to get your life back in order.

Here are some testimonials from people who have appreciated my readings.

“Before my reading with Maria, I was feeling out of touch and lost from my spirit guides. Having a reading with Maria really helped me connect back to my spirit guides and feel their loving guidance all around me again. She is truly gifted as a clairvoyant whom I totally recommend to anyone seeking a psychic reading.”
Tobi, Writer

“The spiritual guidance and expertise I’ve received from Maria for the past 15 years has successfully shaped my career and personal life. Her accuracy is undeniable.”
Cheryl, Professional Feng Shui Practitioner.

“I’ve always been a believer in psychic abilities therefore on referrals I saw Maria Greene. I went in with an open mind and hoped for answers regarding my past, present and future. What amazed me Maria did not want any information other than the questions I wanted clarity on. I was blown away how accurate, kind and honest she was…. She didn’t say what she didn’t see. She is very intuitive and a caring reader!! I will definitely go back and recommend her to others.”
Shannon, Canada

“I have been getting readings from Maria for a number of years. She has helped me explore my deepest self, past lives, guides and inner longings as well as helped me when my path has not been clear. She is one of the most gifted readers I have ever encountered.”
Sharon, Florida

“Maria created a safe space for me to explore further with her after her initial reading and provided some amazingly accurate insights into what’s been going on for me. She brought so much truth to the surface, it brought tears to my eyes. If you’re at a cross roads or having trouble focusing or making big decisions, Maria will bring clarity and focus back to your life so you can move forward with certainty”.

Natalie, England

I had a reading from Maria Greene and she was spot-on! I recommend her highly – she gave me a clear insight where i am at the moment, where my energy is going and how to direct my energy towards the possibilities I envisioned. Maria has a very gentle way of working; her energy is so positive. Our session – even though it was late in the evening – left me energized and uplifted with a wonderful sense of gratitude.

Elles, Amsterdam

You pay via PayPal but you don’t need a PayPal account, just any credit or debit card. Email me at to schedule your reading.

1 hour: $120
45 minutes $90
30 minutes: $60


If you would like a series of 4 coaching sessions to get unstuck or get more clarity about your purpose and how to move forward, you can purchase that below. You will receive 4 one hour phone consults, one a week, and assignments custom fitted to your situation to accomplish during the week.  If you want to explore this opportunity  contact me at

4 weeks, $399

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