Art Tripping!

What do I mean “art tripping?”

No LSD involved, but maybe an experience just as cosmic as any stimulant when you delve into your art.

I have been wanting to take a trip somewhere badly, but timing has been all wrong, so I decided to take a virtual trip and invite you along. This is an art trip to some places you really like. They could be of the past or present.

If you want to try a different art angle, or you have thought of taking up art journaling, this is a fun and easy way to create your way into something new and fun. All you need to do is to participate as I inspire you along.

So, the purpose of this course is artistic inspiration, maybe even some artistic stretching. No particular skill needed for this. You do need some supplies and the list is posted below. Most of them are free in your recycle bin or forgotten drawers.

This is a four week course that will kick off your creativity and hopefully keep it going. Every week will be a new theme and it will provoke you to think about how you view and feel about the location we visit.

The course will be delivered in short but detailed videos via email. All the videos are available upon purchase.

Week 1: We take a trip to a city of your choice. This will be the “edgy” part of this course. What makes your city edgy, and if it’s a small town, what makes it memorable? We will use collage and painting to capture the special feel of your city.

city art journal
city art journal page


Week 2: We will visit the beach of your choice. How does the beach make you feel? We will depict with paints and possibly collage if needed. Which beach would you go to and why?

the beach
beach art journal page

Week 3: We will visit a forest. Where is your favorite forest, and what grows there? We’ll use some green specimens from the woods and create some art around them. How does the forest make you feel?

forest art journal page

Week 4: We will visit a desert somewhere. What is interesting about a desert?  Every place has its own magic. It’s all about how to express that in art. This one could be a bit tricky, but since we’re all creative, it will be a cinch!

desert art journal page

Bonus: We will create a simple vision board for our next dream vacation. You can put that on your wall and view it often until it becomes a reality.

Supply list click HERE.

Will you join me on this simple and fun trip? SUPER BARGAIN PRICE: $29



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