Art Journaling Journey

art journaling
art journaling journey

Have you been struggling to find some meaning with your art making or are you afraid to start exploring art that goes deeper than just copying what is out there? Spend four weeks with me exploring the many layers of the soul with mixed media art journaling.

Art is the window to the soul they say. Art helps us sort out what is going on within. Art is a soul practice that can be immensely fulfilling and challenging too. Not to mention fun!

This e-course is perfect for you if:

You will be prompted to choose every material in the moment and “fly by the seat of your pants” a.k.a intuition as you explore.

This e-course is for you if you have never tried to loosen up and just go with the flow.

If you want to deepen your art expression.

If you like to make a mess and not worry about creating “ugly stuff” that actually contains some good exploration.

If you’d like to learn to create without judgment and have lots of fun during the process. Did I say fun?

Explore mindfulness in art. Basically art is a tool to learn more about yourself even if you have never looked at that angle of art before.

You will gain:

More trust in your ability to think outside the box.

More trust in exploration and your intuition.

Insights into using various layers.

Break your limitations in making art.

Did I mention fun?

The e-course is great for beginners and experienced artists alike.

The four weeks will cover:

Week 1: Building layers with your favorite papers and tools. Exploring what is possible.

Week 2; Exploring symbols and adding simple figures to your art.

Week 3: How to bust through fears of creating wildly and freely.

Week 4: Exploring story telling in art that may be the story that is going on in your life, or present the solution to a problem. You will also receive a BONUS mixed media lesson.

Testimonial from Art as Oracle course: Art as Oracle is a life changing course and the best part is you don’t even need to be an artist to benefit from it. From the very first lesson, I was able to tap into my spirit and receive guidance from the universe. Maria has done a wonderful job with the lessons which are both simple and fun to do! I highly recommend Art as Oracle for anyone who wants to learn to use their intuition and tap into their spirit using art. Tobi C.

Please join me for a month of fun and challenging art making. The four lessons of the course will be available via email upon purchase. Included will be the links to the supply list and to join the FB group where you can share your art.
Let’s do it! ONLY $29.  Was $69. 

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