Resistance–we all feel it

Resistance is more than the brave people who worked during WWII to defeat the Nazis.  I’m talking about resistance, the Nazi within.  We all have it, and I think creative people have many close encounters with the beast, probably once a day or so. As an artist, I walk into the studio every day with … Continue reading Resistance–we all feel it

Resistance sucks donkey balls!

Hello gorgeous, Resistance sucks donkey balls! (I got that expression from a friend in NZ haha.) Have you noticed how you don’t feel any resistance when you go out partying or watching TV shows? But as soon as you decide to do something that you really WANT to do, something worthwhile, resistance sets in. You … Continue reading Resistance sucks donkey balls!

Magic Journal Box tutorial

Magic is in the air in my studio lately. I have been inspired to try new and different things, as in making this type of journal box where you can write down and hide all your secrets. 🙂 I have gone into silicone mold casting adventures and making imprints with my polymer clay or air … Continue reading Magic Journal Box tutorial

The exotic life of an artist

The exotic life is not for everyone. Artists are supposed to be larger than life, but more often you will find us slugging away in our studios, alone, and fighting resistance, haha. I think of exotic artists and come up with Georgia O’Keefe, but in her mind, she probably saw herself as a dedicated working … Continue reading The exotic life of an artist